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Laura's Story

Income Protection, Cancer $250,000


Everyone at TAL has been helpful and forthcoming with information and my case worker has been fantastic. The ease of the claim process has certainly made a difference in a time where my life has been turned upside down.


Who is Laura?

Laura is a 27 year old dentist who recently used all of her savings to purchase her first property.

What happened to Laura?

While holidaying in Japan, Laura was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Laura's treatment has included two surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The good news is that Laura had a TAL Income Protection Policy, which to date, has provided her with monthly disability benefits totalling around $250,000 to date. So during the chaos of her illness, Laura hasn't had to worry about the stress of covering her bills. Laura's adviser also arranged the necessary paperwork with TAL to ensure she didn't have to think about anything other than her recovery.

Where is Laura now?

Laura is currently at home, dealing with her illness one day at a time. While the outlook is uncertain, minimising the financial stress means she can focus on her health and spending quality time with her family.

John's Story

TPD, Parkinson's Disease $1.3m


I was at a complete loss when I could no longer work as a surgeon and it has been hard to accept my future with Parkinson's. Thank heavens for my TAL TOP Payment. I don't have to worry about my ongoing care and we can enjoy our lives as much as possible.


Who is John?

John is 56 and a successful surgeon. He is married with two university-aged children still living at home.

What happened to John?

Over a recent period of time, John developed some concerning symptoms which eventually led to a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. As a surgeon, a steady hand is imperative, so this diagnosis has meant John can no longer work in his field of expertise.

Thankfully John had a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) policy with TAL, which specified that in the event that he could no longer work in his occupation he would receive a lump sum payment.

Where is John now?

John was able to use his TPD payment to relocate with his wife and their two sons to a single-story house that would be more suitable as his condition progressed. The payment also meant their lifestyle would be protected so they could focus on quality of life.

Allen's Story

Critical Illness, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma $400,000


The TAL claims team were so friendly and supportive. They did everything they could to help Wendy and I get through the hardest time in our life together.


Who is Allen?

Allen is a 53 year old solicitor living in regional Victoria.

What happened to Allen?

Allen's wife Wendy had just recovered from a battle with thyroid cancer when they received the horrible news that Allen had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The doctors told Allen that it was likely that he would have to have a stem cell transplant followed by radiotherapy.

Living in the country meant that Allen would have to travel a long way from home to get the treatment he needed. With the money that Allen received through his TAL Critical Illness Policy, he and Wendy could afford to rent a property in Melbourne that was close to his doctors and the hospital.

Where is Allen now?

Allen is in remission and he and Wendy are back at their home in regional Victoria. They still travel back and forth from Melbourne so that Allen can see the specialist for regular check-ups.